Evolutility-UI-jQuery Documentation

Metadata-driven Web UI for CRUD and more.

Evolutility-UI-jQuery provides a set of model-driven views which adapt to different data structures. For each entity, a single UI-model defines the UI for all views.



A declarative language to configure the views and map fields on screen to attributes in your Backbone.js models.


A controller and a toolbar to manage the views and make them act together as a Single Page App.


Evolutility-UI-jQuery is using Javascript, HTML5, CSS3, with these open source libraries: Backbone.js, Underscore.js, jQuery, D3.js, Bootstrap, and a few UI widgets: Select2, bootstrap-datepicker, toastr.

The code is available at GitHub under the MIT license.

The meaning of Evolutility

In biology, Evolutility means "The faculty possessed by all substances capable of self-nourishment of manifesting the nutritive acts by changes of form, of volume, or of structure."

This open source project is a UI which changes form, volume and structure. It's DNA is metadata.

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