These sample applications are not anything you haven't seen before. The interesting thing is that these demos are not done with templates, CSS and custom Javascript but are only configured with UI-models.

By changing the ui-model, Evolutility-UI-jQuery set of views can behave as any of the following:

... or anything you can imagine by making new ui-models.

The demo apps are configured with these UI models: To Do, Addressbook, Wine Cellar, Graphic novels.

If you are really curious, you may want to play with the Test Object which is a contrived object with fields of all possible field types.

The data for these demos is stored in your browser's local storage (using Backbone.localStorage) but Evolutility-UI-jQuery can be configured for a REST API. For the server-side of Evolutility, use Evolutility-Server-Node with Node.js, Express.js and PostgreSQL.