Dear anonymous visitor

My name is Olivier Giulieri (username Evoluteur).

I live in the San Francisco Bay Area with my lovely cat Neige. I work in Tech. I'm French.

I hope you will find this page a more fun and personal way to meet me than my LinkedIn and GitHub profiles.


I like to code (mostly Javascript and CSS, sometimes SQL). I usually build user interfaces for startups.

I am very interested in metadata and model-driven architecture (usually found in code generators, low-code platforms, and data visualization). I experiment at work and with my open-source project Evolutility model-driven UI and backend.

Lately, I'm looking at the network emerging from these projects as they get stars and forks on GitHub.

My favorite quote about programming is "Smart data structures and dumb code works a lot better than the other way around." - Eric S. Raymond in The Cathedral and the Bazaar.


I like to cook (and eat), especially desserts. My specialties are crèmes brûlées, pear cream tart, and madeleines.

I sometimes experiment with salty madeleines. Salty madeleines with duck prosciutto are really good, but I still prefer the sweet madeleines with lemon zest and pine nuts.

I'm learning to make cannelés. They are good but it may take a few more trials before I can get the perfect consistency.


I like to look at fractals (where Math becomes visual art) and to think about morphic resonance.

I also like visual art made by humans... and it often contains fractals or the golden number.

Sometimes I try things like carving a book.

My favorite game is the game of Go. I mostly play online. With very few rules, and a lot of possible moves each turn, Go is more of an art than a calculation game. Also, because you can win by "building" more territory than your opponent, it doesn't have to be as aggressive as Chess.

Graphic Novels

I like to read and collect graphic novels, mostly sci-fi and fantasy, usually in French.

... and sometimes in English.


I like to watch sci-fi movies and anime but I do not own a TV.

Of course, I also enjoy French movies.


I like to meditate. It keeps me sane.

I'm (slowly) learning to play the handpan.

Try something fun and different today:
What are your numerology numbers... and how does my friend Sally interpret them?
I'm a

Maybe treat yourself with some of my favorite european graphic novels. You can now find them on Amazon (compiled into single books and translated to English).