I'm the human of a wonderful cat called Neige.

We met in 2011 at Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA. She was a beautiful white kitten with a super-soft fur. It was Love at first sight, she moved in immediatly after our first date.

Neige is my first cat ever (I grew up with dogs). One of my friends who has kids once told me "I didn't know how to be a parent. It's my kid who taught me." I guess it's the same thing with cats. Neige taught me how to be a good cat dad. I think she trained me too well, and she may be a little spoiled.

Neige in her cat cave

She is rather social, but in winter she spends a lot of time in her cat cave.

Selfie with Neige

I tried to take a selfie with my beautiful cat... but she wouldn't stand still.

She doesn't mind holding the pause when playing Batman though.

No travel allowed

She really doesn't like me leaving home. Every time I pack my suitcase for a trip, she makes sure to be in the way and camps on my suitcase all day.