evol.colorpicker demo

a web widget for color picking which look like the one in Microsoft Office 2010. It is a full jQuery UI widget, supporting various configurations and themes. It can be used inline or as a popup binded to a text box.

Theme: le-frog - redmond - start - ui-darkness - ui-lightness

Inline (using a DIV tag):
Get Value Set Value
Enable Disable Destroy

Using "showOn" option:

focus button both link
Event binding:
change.color and mouseover.color

Get Value Set Value
Enable Disable Destroy
No color indicator on the palette:

New in version 2.0.
In French:

Using the "strings" option you can translate the colorpicker.

evol.colorpicker is released under the MIT license.

Download and Source code available at GitHub https://github.com/evoluteur/colorpicker.