Evol-ColorPicker v3.4.3

Evol-ColorPicker is a web color picker which looks like the one in Microsoft Office 2010.

It can be used inline or as a popup bound to a text box. It comes with several color palettes, can track selection history and supports "transparent" color. It is a full jQuery UI widget, supporting various configurations and themes.

Open Source at GitHub: evoluteur/colorpicker

Themes: Base - UI lightness - UI darkness - Redmond - Sunny - Le Frog - Swanky Purse

Inline (using a DIV tag):

Inline with "web" default palette:

Palette triggers:

Using "showOn" option.
Event binding:

Using "change.color" and "mouseover.color" events.
Custom Palette:

Using the "customTheme" option you can provide your own list of colors.
With transparent color:

Using "hideButton" option:

No color indicator on the palette:

In French:

Using the "strings" option you can translate the colorpicker.

Download, feature requests and bugs report are available at GitHub.

Evol-ColorPicker is released under the MIT license (50,000 downloads on NPM in 2023).

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